Review – private chef dining with La Belle Assiette

Earlier this month I teamed up with La Belle Assiette to throw my mother an extra special birthday evening. For those of you that have never heard of the company, they provide you with a private chef that comes to your home and cooks a three course meal for you and your guests.
Their website states that they were ‘founded to make entertaining at home truly enjoyable. We bring talented chefs into your kitchen so you can enjoy hosting dinners, without the stress of cooking or cleaning.’ For someone like me this concept is perfect! Since the launch of Deliveroo & Ubereats I have become increasingly lazy when it comes to cooking and always opt for paying slightly more for a well cooked meal than to quickly pull something together on my own. I look at La Belle Assiette as the next level of Deliveroo, for an experience that is a)truly unforgettable and b)highly likely to impress your guests.
I was paired with a brilliant chef named Leo hailing from Brazil. We spoke a couple of days before the meal and discussed the types of food my family enjoy eating and from there he created a bespoke 4 course menu for us to enjoy.  He arrived at my parents house around 4pm on a Saturday and set himself to work preparing our dishes. He was extremely friendly and whilst he cooked we learnt all about he became chef and the types of dishes he loves to make for people.
The first dish Leo prepared for us was an appetiser of crispy polenta with cream of wild mushrooms.
Our starter was a smoked duck salad, which was light & delicious. Duck is my second favourite meat after beef which coincidentally is what we had for our mains.

This was the grilled beef fillet, with organic steamed greens, rocket salad with strawberry vinaigrette and baked sweet potato chips.
Our dessert was THE warmest and gooiest orange & chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream that I have ever eaten.
Leo served all of our meals and cleaned & tidied the kitchen after our dinner was finished so we didn’t have to do anything all evening, it was like having a restaurant come to the comfort of our home.
They offer 3 different price ranges to cater to all ranging from £39 per person to £89 per person which includes the purchasing of ingredients, the cooking of the meals and serving of each course. They have over 364 freelance chefs and all of their menu’s and specialities can be viewed on their website. Every time a customer has an experience with La Belle Assiette, they leave a review and as such you can scroll through over 5000 customer reviews if you’re undecided of which menu to choose.
The name ‘La Belle Assiette’ means ‘ The Beautiful Plate’ who’s proposition is just as appealing for chefs as it is to customers. They can pick their own hours & menus aswell as have the company handle their client bookings & billings.
If you’re looking to throw a dinner party with a twist, then be sure to check out La Belle Assiette!
Do my lovely readers, have you ever experienced something like this? And if not, would you?

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